Financial analysis is the in-depth assessment of the firm's reported financial statements in a bid to better understand its historical performances. It helps unravel the big story behind the numbers and facilitate the formulation of a judgement on future prospects. Uncover insights and be inspired.

  1. Investment
    Before investing capital in a firm, regardless of it being public-listed or private entity, it is critical to be aware of the firm's current finances and future prospects. Doing so will allow the investor to make an informed decision on the risk and expected returns.

  2. Business Intelligence
    Combining the analysis of the environment and finances of key competitors allow the business to identify opportunities and threats, affording it strategic time to position itself to take advantage of environmental variables.

  3. Target Setting & Evaluation
    For internal managers, it is absolutely critical to assess actual results against budgeted performance as a form of diagnosis to identify what is right and wrong. The findings are then be fed into the Balanced Scorecard framework to streamline the organization for success.

  4. Valuation
    Financial analysis and modelling are prerequisites for valuation, which is integral to many corporate finance functions such as M&A, restructuring and fundraising. As valuation is forward-looking in nature, risk management will be done to consider future uncertainties.

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  1. Financial Analysis
    This portion contains insights yield from the analysis of the company's finances based on available information. Signals and trends identified will serve as a solid bedrock to uncover the big story behind the numbers.

  2. Qualitative Analysis
    Depending on the purpose of the analysis, soft analysis of the business model, environment and value chain may be conducted to help identify variables that materially impact financial performances.

  3. Valuation
    Depending on the nature of the analysis, the context of the financial model and valuation will be customized to address the need. For credit analysis, the focus will be on cash flow and recover-ability in the event of default while for mergers and acquisition, the focus will be on hard and soft synergy for strategic buyers and leverage for financial investors.

  4. Risk Management
    As finance and valuation are forward-looking in nature, risk management will be done to take into account of future uncertainties. Our clients can expect a range and distribution of values, as well as a deeper understanding of value drivers and risk factors.


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