For internal stakeholders such as managers and business owners, planning and budgeting helps the business articulate its business objectives and outline the actions needed to be done achieve the goals. The business plan and budget also help guide other corporate decisions, such as marketing and human resource. Plan to take charge and be inspired.

  1. Break the Grand Strategy into Actionable Plans
    Business planning helps break down the grand business strategy into its elements, allowing managers to fine-tune each component and link to better deliver value. This bottom-up approach also facilitates the formulation of smaller actionable plans to meet objectives.

  2. Putting Money Where the Mouth Is
    Budgeting involves the planning of performance and allocation of resources to enable the achievement of business targets. Our budget addresses both immediate operational and longer-term investment needs. It also facilitates future variance analysis and highlight the funding gap needed to achieve the desired level of performance.

  3. Proforma Statement
    Ultimately, the business plan and budget culminate into a proforma statement, which contains the expected financial performance. This information will be very valuable for corporate planning, annual general meetings, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  4. Risk Management
    As business planning and budgeting are forward-looking, uncertainties have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, a risk management plan has to be put in place with planned alternative course of actions should the outcome turns out differently from expected

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  1. Business Plan
    This portion contains a write-up of the business plans and strategy, detailing how the organization aims to achieve its objectives. The purpose is to state in clear terms on what the business hopes to achieve after considering environmental variables.

  2. Operational and Capital Budgets
    The operation budget serves to plan performance and allocate corporate resources to facilitate the achievement of strategic goals. If there is a capital expenditure plan, a capital budget will also be prepared accordingly to assess the investment.

  3. Proforma Statements
    The information from the budgets will flow into the complete 3-piece proforma statement. This portion also serves to highlight the funding shortfall that is needed to be closed should the business opt to proceed with the scale of operations and capital investment.

  4. Risk Management
    This portion documents key risks that the business faces, preventative measures put in place  and contingency course-of-actions should the actual outcome turns out to be different from expected.

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