An accounting system captures data for the purpose of financial reporting while internal control is the measures in place to ensure accurate reporting and securing corporate resources. They provide a window into the company's finances for external investors and act as custodian of the assets funded and paid for by investors' monies. Engineer for performance and be inspired!

  1. Access to Capital Market
    The primary users of a financial statement are investors and financial institutions that provide much-needed capital to fund the company's operations and investments. Having strong accounting and internal control increase confidence and demonstrate the ability to get things done right, enhancing access to capital

  2. Support Business Decisions
    Managers are another group of users of a financial statement and they primary use accounting information to make business decisions. A robust accounting system captures timely, verifiable, and high-quality data that allows managers to make decision with more conviction.

  3. Risk-Management
    A rigorous internal control system is the cornerstone of any organization's risk management effort. In addition to deterring accounting and financial malfeasance, it helps reduce unintentional error through appropriate checks and balances. When the downsides are protected, it improves investors' confidence and help the firm stays compliant.

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  1. Company Fact-Finding
    This process starts with a consultation to find out more on the company's operating, investment and financing activities, as well as discover the desired level of desired performance versus risk appetite.

  2. Process Re-engineering
    This project then continues with the re-engineering of the firm's accounting and internal control processes. This is done to align current processes to desired performance and risk appetite, as well as provide a SOP for stakeholders to undertake. Re-engineered processes will be presented in flowcharts to facilitate implementation.

  3. Accounting and Internal Control Policies
    Polices which require user discretion, such as those relating to credit limit, depreciation, cash management, etc, will also be standardized to enhance internal control and accountability.

  4. Risk Management
    It is understandable that some firms might opt to streamline for efficiency and effectiveness over hefty checks and balances for some processes due to increased risk appetite. A risk management plan will be written to address potential internal control failures should things go wrong.

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