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WHY SBXC© Budget?

For internal stakeholders such as managers and business owners, business planning and budgeting are central to the business management process. Planning helps the business articulates its business objectives and outlines the actions needed to be done to achieve business goals, while budgeting is the act of quantifying the firm's strategy and allocation of resources to make the plans happen. Their importance to the firm's strategy cannot be understated.

  1. Performance Planning & Evaluation
    Budgeting involves the planning of performance and allocation of resources to enable the achievement of business targets. The process helps managers break down abstract strategy into financial numbers. Therefore, budgeting is central to performance planning. When it is done, it shall also allow for post-actual variance analysis, a powerful evaluation tool.

  2. Risk Management
    Budgeting and business planning compel users to look forward and consider the uncertainties that may undermine the business. It facilitates the formulation of contingency plans before actual events take place, so one can take appropriate actions to mitigate and hedge the factors that pose downside risk.

  3. Fundraising
    Business planning and budgeting are keys to sell-side businesses. A business plan creates a message and articulates to prospective investors and creditors on where the company shall stand in the future? A well-written budget helps answer the amount of funding needed, where the fund raised shall be spent, and the expected bang-for-buck. Understandably, a meticulous and well-written budget adds conviction, transparency, and keeps investors and lenders vested in the success of the firm.

Image by Kayla Kozlowski



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SBXC© Budget is designed for business owners and managers who seek to write a business plan and budget for the purpose of performance planning and fundraising. The process is highly consultative as disclosures of corporate information and management assumptions are needed. Any disclosed information will be kept in the strictest confidence.


  1. Business Plan
    The business plan clearly articulates to investors, creditors, as well as employees, on where the company is currently and what it aims to become in the future. It contains a detailed write-up of the grand strategy and details how the organization aims to achieve its business objectives using smaller and more actionable plans.

  2. Budgets & Cash Schedules
    Operating and capital budgets quantify the firm's strategies and plans into financial figures and facilitate performance planning and the allocation of corporate resources to make the plans happen. The corresponding cash schedules help determine the level of funding required for the said scale of operations and suggest how shall capital be returned.

  3. Proforma Statements
    The information from the respective budgets and schedules shall flow the proforma statements, which consists of a proforma income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. The statement is important as it serves to inform your investors and creditors of the sales, earnings, cash flows, and financial position forecast.

  4. Financial Analysis
    This portion contains analytical insights into the company's current and expected finances based on the information found in the proforma statements. Findings on the firm's current and expected profitability, liquidity, operational efficiency, and solvency will be shared here.

  5. ESG and Risk Management
    Risk management contains key risk factors that were disclosed by the managers of the organization. As budgeting is about making projections, things might not pan out as anticipated. Risk management, in the context of budgeting, serves to highlight risk factors and design countermeasures to mitigate and hedge the risk.

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