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Why SBXC Knowledge Training Programs?

The benefits of training are many. Firstly, training imparts the knowledge and skills in a more efficient manner, as opposed to the more arduous and costly route of learning and making mistakes along the way. The likelihood of making mistakes and its financial repercussions are reduced as one learns from experimenting in a safe learning environment. Training results in better more confident, happier, and more productive workers.


Participants also get the opportunity to learn and share best practices with each other. Training provides a platform for learners to network and exchange ideas, which could ignite the sparks of new business opportunities, investment ideas, and technological innovation. Investments in training help reduce the probability of lost customers due to poor quality work, lost time/money due to mistakes, and staff dissatisfaction,


It is not hard to see that a well-trained workforce ultimately translates to improved financial performance for the organization. Browse through our course offerings

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Financial Analysis and Modelling
    The training aims to get learners up to speed with the various methods of conducting financial and qualitative analysis, financial modeling, and valuation using the information provided in the financial statements and other reports. By the end of the training, participants are expected to be able to create a complete 3-piece financial model with risk management functions. This course is suitable for external investors and creditors

  2. Management Accounting 101 for Business Owners and Managers
    This workshop aims to help participants hit the ground running on the topics of budgeting, variance, and cost-volume-profit analysis, risk-management, activity-based costing, and pricing, By the end of the workshop, learners should be well-versed in the creation of a master budget and be competent in using management accounting techniques to facilitate business decision-making. This course is suitable for business owners and non-finance managers

  3. Other Training Courses
    We also offer other exciting training programs such as:
    -  Personal Finance Fundamentals
    -  Excel Data Analysis & Dashboard
    -  Build a Database Using Access
    -  Specialty Coffee & Expresso
    -  The Art of Tea Brewing

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