SBXC was founded to help businesses achieve long-term sustainable returns and enhance shareholders' value in a sustainable manner. We intend to do so by lowering the cost and knowledge barriers to make professional financial analysis, valuation and business planning services friendly and approachable for all.

We understand that although owners and managers are passionate about their businesses, many do not share the same level of love with corporate finance. However, by neglecting it, the organization would have built a shaky infrastructure and exposing the firm to unnecessary risks.


One of the surest ways to create a good infrastructure is to establish a robust corporate finance framework. One of the best ways to help companies earn sustainable returns is to design the principles of ESG into the business plan and budget. At SBXC Academy, we strive to be a catalyst for sustainable financial practices.


In a nutshell, the ultimate goal of Corporate Finance is to improve the business's ability to generate returns and create value, abetted by the 5 corporate finance decisions of

  • Operation which is the activity of running of everyday business;

  • Investment which concerns itself with the business's investing activities;

  • Financing which includes all financing-related activities;

  • Dividend which covers the activity of returning to investors;

  • Risk Management which actively works to eliminate or mitigate the downsides

Evidently, the corporate finance process is one of the cornerstone infrastructures that the business must establish. The system is also linked to other corporate functions such as human resource, IT and marketing. With an effective and efficient mechanism in place, the business should be well-positioned to meet business objectives.


For some though, the corporate finance process ends here, resulting in lost opportunities to build resiliency into the business and further enhance its return-generating and value-creation ability using ESG. The concept is centered around creating sustainable returns and value while building resiliency against downsides while advocating the practices of environmental-sustainability, social-responsibility and ethics.

  • Environment are the resources the firm consumes, waste it produces and its footprints.

  • Social outlines health and safety, relationship with stakeholders and the community-at-large.

  • Governance is the ability to manage risk and self-regulate for the benefits of owners, legal compliance and stakeholders.

More than a passing fad, when a business opts to incorporate ESG into its business model, it is proactively choosing long-term profitability over short-term profit maximization.


Underpinning all our consulting relationship is an uncompromising approach towards ethics. We believe that suitability-based selling and acting in an objective manner help builds long-term relationship. Our ethical code is.


  • Integrity: Be transparent in all our dealings and disclose all conflicts-of-interest.

  • Suitability: Consider the return and risk objectives, time horizon and other considerations. 

  • Objectivity: Exercise due diligence and prudence to deliver effective and objective solutions.

  • Professionalism: Deliver timely solutions with due-diligence and reasonable basis.

  • Confidentiality: Maintain the highest confidentiality in all our business dealings.

  • Sustainability: Build beneficial relationship with the community to encourage sustainability.

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We design solutions with sustainability at its core, which help create high-quality returns and value.

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