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SBXC Academy was founded to help businesses and professional individuals gain access to on-demand professional financial analysis and planning services. Usually, businesses and professionals would have to dedicate plenty of effort, spend big and incur running overheads to obtain such services. But, at SBXC Academy, we aim to help businesses and professionals bid farewell to costly overheads by making on-demand professional analysis and budgeting analytic services approachable and affordable.


Although owners and managers are passionate about their businesses, many do not share the same level of love with financial planning and analysis. But there is a treasure trove of information that one may unlock to help them make better-informed business decisions. Similarly, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Corporate financial planning helps businesses allocate the necessary resources to make their long-term plans happen and enables ex-post evaluation to identify the areas in which the business excels and where it falls short.

The 5 corporate finance functions are the cornerstones of business management and excelling in them will guide the business to create superior value for its stockholders. Hence, our financial analysis and planning solution is delivered with the improvement of the 5 corporate finance functions at its core.

  • Operations: Revenues earned and expenses paid out from business operations.

  • Investment: Investment in assets that enable the earning of incomes.

  • Financing: How the investments and operations are financed? The debt and equity mix.

  • Dividend & Buybacks: Repayment of capital to investors and stockholders.

  • Risk Management: Up and downside risks and measures to manage them.

Additionally, SBXC Academy is an avid proponent of ESG investing. The corporate financial planning phase provides a great opportunity to plan for environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and governance practices. And the post-analysis stage can help the firm evaluate the effectiveness of its ESG implementation. More than a passing fad, when a business opts to incorporate ESG into the corporate financial planning process, it is choosing sustainable return creation over short-term profit maximization for the benefits of investors, lenders, regulators and the community at large.


As passionate lifelong learners ourselves, we curate and deliver our training programs with the goals of real-world application and experimenting in a safe environment. We look to deliver exceptional value through our training solutions, make a difference in people's lives and transform them through learning.


Underpinning all our consulting and analyst coverage relationships is an uncompromising approach towards ethics. We are staunch believers in intellectual integrity and acting in such an objective capacity helps build a long-term partnership that is mutually beneficial. Our ethical code is as follows.


  • Integrity: Be transparent in all our dealings and disclose all conflicts of interest.

  • Suitability: Consider the return and risk objectives, time horizon, and other considerations. 

  • Objectivity: Exercise due diligence and prudence to deliver effective and objective solutions.

  • Professionalism: Deliver timely solutions with due diligence and a reasonable basis.

  • Confidentiality: Maintain the highest confidentiality in all our business dealings.

  • Sustainability: Build beneficial relationships with the community to encourage sustainability.

Image by Kayla Kozlowski



Our products are created with sustainability at its core. They facilitate the creation of sustainable returns


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